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*laughs at the lack of updating in here*


Oh snap guys, it's May 1st. Soph year ends June 15th.


I'm now officially scared and excited at the same time.

ALSO, have fun on closing night of Grease. I saw the show like 4 times, you's did GREAT.

...even when certain squeeky blondes don't show up for certain Alma Maters.

.. even then.

God I'm in a weird mood. Didja's notice?

Well yeah, just wanted to update this thang and tell all of you crackerjacks with digital cameras to bring them in so we can replace that crazy picture from Em's party, because we all look like goons. GOONS.

I'm gonna miss you guys next week when I'm on vacation. I love you girls, as much as I get annoyed by the stupidest stuff, and I feel like I don't tell you's how much I appreciate you. <3
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